Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DEE-VINE Forecast!

Three days 'til the 3-Day!!!

The weather forecast couldn't be any better!!!

10 Day Weather Forecast for Phoenix, AZ - weather.com

Friday, November 5, 2010

One Week!

So there are only seven days until the 3-Day!

I can't believe it's that soon! When you sign up for the walk, you think you've got a couple zillion years to prepare and poof! Time zooms along as usual and before you know it, you're making a last minute list of things you need to get this weekend. Because this is the last weekend you have to prepare!

I'm alternating between levitating and fainting! Levitating over finally seeing my teammates and hanging out with them! I can't wait for that, for our pre-walk dinner, for our post-walk dinner celebration with two bonus Catsters, for our hot stone massages, for whatever geeky sightseeing I can talk them in to...oh, and yeah, all the crazy, wonderful, amazing fun we'll have on the walk itself!

And I'm so not kidding when I say this...I also can't wait to see the 823 pictures (at least) I'll take!

I'm so excited for an hour or so, terrified for ten minutes or so, frantic about all I still need to do for another 15 minutes or so, excited for five minutes, terrified...

Fat Girl Walking wrote a post that included some great advice: "enjoy what you've already accomplished."

So I have been. I've been beaming, pretty much, that I've made it this far. Logged as many miles as I have, learned as much as I have about shoes, blisters and socks, actually bought that hideous sleeping bag contraption...

I've beat myself up so much about not training enough, still not losing weight, spending too much money on this thing. But in the past week, I've reached the point of being ecstatic I've come this far. I've reached the point where I figure I'm as ready as I'm going to be, and you know, that's ready enough.

Last year at this time, I thought walking a mile was a big deal. And I did it so rarely, it was a big deal when I did. So enough miles of training or not, still 1000 pounds to lose, I've been more active this year than I've been since I was probably 16.

And that, all by itself...is pretty freaking awesome!