Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Life That Was Changed...

Finally! I give you pictures of my 3-Day adventure! I wanted to use the pawprint slideshow. I mean, a team full of CCLs, how perfect would that have been?! But it cut off the photos too much, and I had to go with this theme instead. *whine*

The 3-Day for the Cure was a once in a lifetime experience for sure. It was hardly the Kumbaya-singing lovefest the 3-Day online community promotes, but it was a good experience. One I'm glad I had. I do feel changed by it. In a very positive way.

I also feel a bit lost now that I don't have it to obsess about. A good, hugely relieved lost, but lost. Like I'm forgetting to do something. Like buy socks.

Unfortunately, thanks to my size and sometimes my sugars, my pace during the walk was too slow, and I was forced on to sweep vans several times. But I was able to finish more of the walk than I ever imagined I could. I'm really proud of that fact. But I am most proud of myself for the fact that not once the entire time did it occur to me I could quit and check in to a toasty, pillow-filled hotel room. Not once. Never. Not at all. I'm really surprised now that it didn't. And pretty freaking awed about it.

Thank you so much to all my donors! Thanks to you, I was able to raise $2,560! You'll never know what your financial support meant to me, or how many lives you saved.

You didn't have much money, but you gave it anyway...I am a life that was changed...I am so glad you gave.

I also want to thank my encouragers and my prayer warriors. Everyone who asked me about the walk, who told me they were proud of me, who assured me I could do it.

And my bestest besties and phenomenal mother whose constant texts and calls got me through those three Skyler, who somehow made me laugh in the midst of a pink Kool-Aid festival about the fact I'm too slow. Raff, who surprised me by not trying to talk me out of the Red Zone but telling me to kick some tail instead. Meg for sending me some medical TLC in the form of one very hot fictional doctor.

My mom for the training and travel support. Her training waned during one incredibly horrible year for her, but her support never did. She paid for a major portion of my trip. She even paid the charges for texting me encouragement! I especially appreciate the fact she was so terrified I was going to lose my diabetic feet but didn't tell me until after the fact how much she didn't want me to do this because she was so worried I would.

Thanks to everyone who played any role whatsoever in my 3-Day journey. I will never forget how many people truly believed I could do this. How many people are so proud of me. How many people have changed my entire opinion of myself with your belief.

Maybe it was a Kumbaya lovefest after all.