Monday, March 15, 2010

Shopping Counts as Training, too! Right?

Here it is. The first of what I'm sure will be many splurges I'll blame on the 3-Day. I tried so hard to resist this, the most over-priced water bottle that ever lived. But it's so PINK...that I just couldn't. It just insisted I take it home with me. Who was I to argue?

Then a few days later, I wandered into this foreign section I'd never been in before. It was called something like...CAMPING...and it had all this strange gear I've never had any desire whatsoever to own. I made lots of mental notes about googling what 10-degrees means on those sleeping bag thingies. And then I found this, the first fanny pack to audition for my walk.

It came with the water bottles. The entire set only cost $4.97 more than my pink water bottle cost all by itself.

Seriously, though, do you think I have enough water bottles?


  1. I think you will be well hydrated. :)

  2. Love the pink bottle! And your fanny pack (let's just call them "makes your butt look bigger pack") looks similar to mine.

  3. Gotta laugh at the word verification I had for my comment - hotomega

    Now, to use it in a sentence:

    You won't be getting hotomega if you use your water bottles wisely!

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahaha Love the sentence usage, Laura!!!

    Um...thanks to the picture, I've decided the "makes your butt look bigger pack" kind of looks like bikini briefs. Do you guys think so? Now I'm thinking I don't want to parade around with a fanny pack wearing underwear strapped on me. hahahahaha