Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shopping = Cross Training! Yeah-huh!

Yesterday, I went to get fitted again for shoes. This time I went to a running store where they have more than one brand of shoes, and no weird Chinese shoes that aim your toes at the ceiling.

I ditched the shoes I've had. They were OK, but as I told the new fitter, they felt like they were trying to make my feet do something they don't want to do. She seemed to understand what I meant. She said they may actually have too much padding, which was making them so stiff they feel like they have no cushioning whatsoever. Weird.

I gave them to my mom/personal trainer. Decided to let her walk around looking like she was born with a birth defect that requires her to walk on stilts instead.

Of course, no running shoes are exactly beautiful, but I do think the ones I ended up with now aren't quite as ugly. This time I got New Balance 760s.

I told my mom before I went in, if they've never heard of the 3-Day like the last place, I'm not letting them fit me for shoes for it.

So I go in. I say, "I'm walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. "Oh, yes! That's great! When?" "November." "Cool, well come on over here and we'll get started." She seemed to know all about it. Asked me if I'm walking in memory of someone. Measured my feet, twisted my knees around, marked on my feet, watched me walk back and forth in the store, then filmed me on a treadmill. And then she says...

"So you're training for a 5K?"

It was all I could do not to roll off the bench laughing. What? What? I thought she'd heard of this thing. "Um no," I said. "I'm walking SIXTY MILES. In three days." She got that now-famous glazed, "Yeah, right," expression, but then was all chirpy excited about it. I wondered why she had completely ignored me when I said I need a shoe at least a half-size bigger than normal. Clearly, who would need to avoid losing toenails for a 5K?

This is still cracking me up. Who would TRAIN THAT HEAVY TO WALK THREE MILES? Seriously? I'm rolling on the floor again. I hope I don't sound terrible saying that. When I started this thing, I thought it was a miracle if I could hoof it a mile. And I barely could! But at this point, two miles feels like a stroll around the yard. So train for six months to walk three miles? I'm equal parts sorry, proud and excited that that thought is just slaying me!

Anyway...I hope I like these shoes. I wondered if she gave me the same ones I actually tried on in the store when I had to cram my feet in them this morning. They're not long enough, I know that already, but I'll need new ones before the walk anyway. So if they work otherwise, I can get a half size bigger next time. So far they're pretty tight, but I get ten days to try them out and break them in. And I have to say, I LOVE the wavy laces!

The great thing about this store also, they had some of the stuff I've been wanting to try. I've read so many recommendations on 3Day blogs that I have quite the running list. So I got a pair of the Injinji toe socks (in pink!) and finally the uber-recommended, ever popular Glide. I also got some DeFeet socks to try because well...they have pink ribbons on them. I did somehow, so far at least, resist the pink Pepper Spray.

It's so hot it would be utterly suicidal to walk here today. Think I'll cross train by finishing Eat Love Pray. So I can get Janet Evanovich's Sizzling Sixteen on Tuesday! HEY...if I got an Ipod before Tuesday...could I download it to listen to while I walk? There's a thought...


  1. So where is this place and what's the name of it? I'm having some foot problems and would like a professional opinion on what my needs are next time I dish out money for shoes.

    I'm watching your progress, I'm so impressed. Keep up the good work.

  2. Two miles - a stroll around the yard - who would have ever thought it, huh? I've been wanting to try Glide too, and now I'm adding that gum Sue Lyn talked about to my list. I can't wait to see how you like those toe socks. I used to wear them in high school - each toe was a different primary color - I'm sure you're too young to remember that fad!

  3. I am anxious to hear how you like the Glide and toe socks. My new shoes are New Balance too.