Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Walkin, Yes Indeed!

Here's a story, of a nutty lady, who was delirious from her lack of curls...

Sometime in '08, I half-heartedly said to my mom, "We should walk in this 3Day walk thingie in memory of Casandra."

My mom mumbled something incoherent. I imagine if I had heard what she said, it would have sounded like, "You won't commit to walk two miles a day, you expect me to believe you'd walk 60 miles in three days?"

I admit that aside from honoring Casandra's memory, basically the main reason I was somewhat half-hearteadly considering it was because there was a walk in Chicago and I figured after we walked, we could reward ourselves by (1) me getting to visit my bestest bestie Skyler there and (2) I'd finally get my mom to Wrigley Field. So when that suggestion was met with the mom's usual "Are you high, Claree?" glare, I forgot about it.

Then this year...or possibly late last awesome pal Laura posted on Facebook that she had joined a team called Trekkin' for Ta-Ta's and would be doing the Susan G. Komen 3Day for the Cure walk in Arizona this year.

I posted a comment and must have gone nuts and mentioned that I had considered doing that.

So poof! Sue Lyn wrote on my wall asking me to join her team.

And poof! Six million reassuring Facebook messages from Sue Lyn, Laura and Jen later, every single excuse I came up with not to do the 3Day flew out the window. Lovely year for my BFFs to be unable to do a Bling Trip. Ducky time for me to be working a stone's throw from all kinds of places to walk at lunch. I mean, sheesh, even my endo, who I admit I was hoping would slap me up side the head and tell me I was nuts, did a happy dance when I asked her if it was possible. She was all over it, telling me she'll help me, turning cartwheels, etc. Said that even if I don't lose weight, all this walking to train for it will be great for my sugar.


And poof! While I was blogging trying to talk myself out of it, Laura said if I do it, she'd make a blog for me! Even though, you know, I blog like once a decade.

And poof! I was sitting at my desk, the registration page filled out, gasping for air, unable to make like Nike and just hit the "next step" button. I IMed Skyler and me into doing this. She was so happy she turned a few cartwheels herself. (Or was that the day she was high on spray paint fumes? No). Anyway, she talked me into it!

So poof! I found myself finally, finally, finally c-c-com-comm-committing to do this.

And the mega-talented Laura was true to her word! Now my teammate, she made this super cute, super pink, super fabulous, just awesome blog for me.

I do the not worthy bow to thank her profusely for making it for me! It so rocks!

And that's the way I became a Trekkin' Starch!

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  1. You're going to be a bloggin', trekkin' fool! And your friends will be so supportive! I'm glad we'll get to meet and trek together!