Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fight Like a Girl!

One of my work friends in another department not only donated huge to my walk, she brought me this t-shirt. She'd bought it last year in support of a walker in another event. She said she has one and had bought this one for her boyfriend, who, for obvious reasons, hasn't worn it once. So she thought maybe I can use it on the walk. While we love love love the message, the t-shirt is brown. We tried to figure out the logic behind that design scheme!

We laughed over her apologizing profusely over it being covered in cat fur. As if any of my clothes aren't covered in cat fur. It'll fit right in to my wardrobe!

It was such a sweet gesture, totally unexpected. I'm so grateful for her support. I have a feeling this is going to be one heartwarming adventure.


  1. If you walk 60 miles, that means you can walk to my house in Morristown and back and still have miles left over :)
    I'm excited for you and I am depending on you to keep me posted on the difference this makes in your sugars. Then I can post on my facebook page as an example to others :) and I can tell all my patients to get them motivated too :)

  2. Great shirt! And great new bling added to the blog!