Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not Enough Sand Training!

I'm back from the beach. And I have to say, despite walking all over the beach, I just didn't get in enough sand training. I'm pretty sure I need to go back for more training like say...this weekend. And then pretty much every weekend after that!

Ah, well, I can dream, can't I?

I can't believe it, but I wore this dreadful thing all over the beach. Yeah, I got some funny looks.

Ah, well, I can believe it was the fanny pack and not my windblown teepee shaped hair that was getting all the funny looks, right?

My mom and I walked to the second pier. Here I am trying to (unsuccessfully) hide my fat behind a pole. I always thought this pier was at least four miles or so down the beach. Measured it with our GPS, and it's a whopping 1.1 miles from our hotel. Woo woo.

I'm hoping the reason I always thought things were so much farther there is because I've always been walking barefoot at the edge of the water, my feet sinking in the sand, and it's seemed like a long, long way because I've had to shake sand and sea off my toes every step.

Ah, well, I can hope that's the reason anyway.

I'm twice as big as my personal trainer, and there's no denying it in this photo. But I wanted to show off the new boardwalk they've built. It's really nice. A great place to train. I plan to train on it next week when I go back.

Ah, well, I can pretend anyway.

And that was my favorite part of sand training. HEY! I needed this, too. I was training for sleeping on a hard lumpy surface, after all.

Ah, well, I can delude myself that's what I was doing anyway.


  1. Sand training is the way to go - especially with such a beautiful view of the water! And I have a feeling that sleeping on sand will feel like feathers compared to the hard Arizona ground!

  2. Looks like it was a great place to train. I didn't get enough sand training either. Maybe I should head back down to Florida. Keep it up!!