Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trekkin Down the Bunny Trail!

On Good Friday, my personal trainer (aka Mom) and I did our first long training walk. It was in the 80s and HOT, but it was actually beautiful weather for walking.

We started on the riverfront, cut over to World's Fair Park, walked down the Strip and...Pit Stop! I had decided we just had to go down the Strip, and I'm pretty sure that last minute route decision had absolutely nothing to do with the fact we would pass a McAlister's.

My mom, who doesn't want to do the walk because she "could never ask for all that money," informed the guy at McAlister's why we were walking and told him we'd gladly accept a donation. His donation was more ice and more tea. Which, at the time, was a pretty awesome donation!

I was hot and sweaty and more than a little sunburnt already. In case you can't tell:

And we were off again! You can tell how my teammate Laura is pretty much half my size because we have the same fanny pack, and it looks HUGE on her! On looks pretty tiny:

I still can't believe I walked all over town wearing that thing. But you have to practice with the equipment you'll be using on the walk. And I can definitely see how handy a fanny pack will be!

We cut through the Trial Gardens to practice walking on gravel and dirt:

And get a load of this! I actually got in some porta potty practice! Oh...EWW! EWW EWW EWW! Those things are oogy. Of all the sacrifices this walk requires, I'm pretty sure this is the biggest:

As you can tell, my mom is taking her role of Personal Trainer pretty seriously:

We saw this at the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial, and I loved it. I think it also applies to the 3-Day:

By the end of the walk, my clothes would have stood up by themselves, I had been heckled by some teen-aged guy for walking around in a fanny pack looking like a Pink Michelin Man, and I had learned a lot. I discovered I need to drink even more than usual (as much as I drink in a day, that's just...astonishing). I learned I can walk farther than I ever imagined I could. And most important of all...I learned I really need new shoes.

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  1. I am soooo proud of you! And I will not let my trainer see the picture of your trainer and that whistle. Egads, she is one tough cookie! Maybe McAlisters can throw some money your way! In Arizona, you won't realize you're sweating so drinking is even more important!